Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Where do we live on a container ship?

**Note: Due to limited internet where I'm currently located (Suez Canal), I am using a Dongle and it takes an age to upload photos, plus it's not my Dongle/Modem, it's Cook's and I don't want to use all his credit.  So for photos, I have put links to past posts...will update with more photos when better internet access.  Hope you all understand***

I’ve realized that, whilst I’ve been posting about Valencia, Genoa and nice places visited, I haven’t made it very clear where we actually live, nor the name of my ship.  Well, I included a video with my first emotions post about my cabin and what it’s like and also the Galley (kitchen) and Messroom (dining room). But where are these places located?
               My ship is called the Hanjin Boston and was booked through The Cruise People in London (they also have offices in Toronto).  Googling "agents for container ship voyages" should also bring up agents in your local area.
Unlike a long distance ferry or cruise ship  – where the accommodation is located across the whole length of the ship on many different levels,  on a container ship you’ll find the living quarters – or ship’s accommodation – is just in one segment, rising like a block of flats on about eight levels.  See my What's in the Containers... post for a ship picture - the white place near the rear (aft/stern) is where we live.

It’s still spacious, but has to be this way as obviously the containers have to fit on board, so these go on the bow (front) and stern (back) of the vessel.

Does this make me feel claustrophobic?  Well no, as you’ve seen from my what to do on a container ship post, there’s plenty to do and in fact, it’s possible to walk to the bow of the ship and sit quietly in the Castle to read.
So don’t be put off and think that you’ll be boxed in…there’s nothing like being at sea with a bunch of good, honest, hardworking seafarers with hearty seafaring food to eat and people who view you as their big sister and do anything they can for you.

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