Sunday, 26 May 2013

What to pack for a container ship voyage?

I just don't know!  I've been advised to pack sensible shoes - I'm not naive enough to wobble around on platforms on the Bridge or deck: trainers, sensible slip ons with a good grip, yes.

But I'm not going on an average cruise: I am very well aware that I may be the only passenger and whilst there's a swimming pool on board, let's face it - as I'll more than likely be the only female, I really do not think I should be parading around in a bikini!

So, in an attempt to resolve this dilemma, I bought myself a one piece with a skirt - as I thought the skirt might hide even more. 

But I'm wondering if the very fact I am trying too hard to be 'demure' might have an adverse effect?!

One of my Twitter followers Matt Clarke suggested a Onesie - ha!  He also told me to just 'be myself'...I think this is the best advise so far.
I think I will seek the advise of Travel Fashion Girl.  She specialises on travel packing, and my article about What to pack for a trip to Greece was featured on her site.
Anyone else have any tips?  Otherwise I'm going for three-quarter length shorts, my baseball cap/sunhat, t-shirts/vest tops and things to also keep me warm at night on deck. 


Many people are supportive of this grand adventure of mine:  Author Nene Davies sent me this little ecard today as she said it reminded her of my impending voyage.

Pic by Ken Done

Any advice will be greatly received :0)

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