About Overland Hong Kong & the Author

I already maintain a popular site Leaving Cairo.  In June 2013, I will be undertaking a voyage from Athens to Hong Kong on a container ship!  Yes, that's right: the only passenger (and female) amongst a crew of twenty four!

This blog will document my travels and adventures.  I will not have internet access whilst on the ship, so will update sporadically.

About Bex, the author:

An unconventional British lass with a degree in International Relations, the wrong side of 35 and only just the right side of 40, Bex finds herself living in the unconventional country of Greece.
She’s travelled to, lived and taught in various places around the globe—Sri Lanka, Cambodiaand even helped teach English to the crew of a container ship travelling across the Atlantic Ocean!

A jack of all trades, Bex has worked at LHR airport, dealing with high profile passengers as well as understanding the logistics of aircraft travel, organised people's lives through her role as P.A. to various individuals and returned to full time education in her early 30's. All experiences have helped to shape who she is today.

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