Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Through Suez to Singapore

Yes, I made it!  15 days straight at sea with no access to the outside world: just seeing sunrise, sunset and dolphins playing.  Did you know, if you clap your hands the dolphins in the wild will show off and perform for you?  I am not kidding.

So going through Suez was interesting: hot, the Pilot on the bridge had his classical music blaring out and it was, altogether, a little surreal.

And our Security team that joined from Suez all were with us through the pirate area of Somalia and the Yemen were Britain's finest (and South African) - pure my pre-conceived notions they'd be gung ho were unfounded.

Suez Mosque

I've lost badly in the Table Tennis tournament, and had fun in the BBQ.

Table tennis tournament - in which I lost

Everyone enjoying themselves at the BBQ

Anyway, this is just a quick one to let you know I'm OK and about to go ashore with my adopted uncle, the Chief Mate. 

Speak to you all in HKG  in another week's time!

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