Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Not entirely alone?

It appears I won't necessarily be alone on this trip!  I received word from my agent this morning:

"When [Bex] embarks [in Piraeus] she will be on board with another young lady passenger until La Spezia.  From La Spezia onwards she will be alone so far."

You'll have seen from my previous post my itinerary that shows La Spezia is in Italy and is the next port of call (get me with all my naval terminology!), so I have two days to chat to another 'young lady' and see the how's, why's, etc and interview her.

You'll note the end of the comment " far."  There is, then, the possibility others might be joining the ship too. 

So you see?  Container ship travel is doable!  Keep tuning in and I'll be bringing you more.

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