Thursday, 20 June 2013

Full moon sailing day

Source: Google Images
Sunday, 23rd June 2013 will apparently be the brightest, biggest full moon of the year!

And guess where Bex will be?  That's right!  Hopefully the ship will have set sail already.  If not, I'll be in port at Piraeus and still get to see it from the deck.

The nearer the Equator I get, the less twilight there will be.  I'm not crossing the equator, only just.  I shall be skirting pretty near it though.
All that's left for me to do is get packing, which I think I will leave until Saturday.  As I will have a whole new home for 37 days, I might as well just throw everything into a bag - a glimpse into how Bex organises her travelling!

Remember: keep your eyes peeled for more updates as the day approaches, and, of course, when I'm under way.
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