Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Beware the Pirates - and yellow fever

Somehow I don't think it's this pirate I need to worry about
It's all becoming rather real now...I have just received a Declaration I need to sign.  Here's the outline of it:


Declaration to Passenger Contact
(Increased risk of Piracy)
I, the undersigned passenger, herewith declare that I have been advised that,
[name of my ship]
will / might pass through the Gulf of Aden and adjacent waters.
I have been notified that this s a piracy area.  There is a higher risk that the vessel might be attacked, captured or otherwise trapped by pirates.
I accept the increased security measures such as locking of outer staircases and outer doors will be made and/or other arrangements such as closing of portholes will be taken.
....I furthermore accept that the Captain of the vessel may, at any time, execute his overriding authority over the vessel, the crew, the passengers and the cargo and may at any time order further measures (what, tell them to take me in lew of the crew/cargo?)
I will follow the Captain's orders. (Hmm, feed the passenger to the pirates...)
Whilst the vessel passes the so-called "high-risk area" it may be that walks on deck are not allowed and will for the whole passage through the "high-risk area" be subject to the Captain's decision.
I hereby confirm that I will not hold the company responsible for any loss, theft, criminal assault or death that might occur because of a piracy attack.
Gosh, I feel so re-assured now!  Well, to be honest, we all knew this was the route and I certainly prepared myself - so it's a formality...but it does hit you a little squarely in the eyes when put like this.
And the yellow fever;  I have to go and have a jab.  Not that it's needed in Hong Kong mind, it's needed in order for the ship to be allowed to pass through the Suez Canal.
Wish me luck everyone!
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