Thursday, 16 May 2013

The route

I'm sure you're all dying to know the how/what/where etc.

Well, I can confirm the route to looks like this:

PIRAEUSCostal Schedule2013-06-20 05:00Costal Schedule2013-06-20 06:00Costal Schedule2013-06-21 06:00
LA SPEZIACostal Schedule2013-06-23 15:00Costal Schedule2013-06-23 17:00Costal Schedule2013-06-25 07:00
GENOACostal Schedule2013-06-25 12:00Costal Schedule2013-06-25 13:00Costal Schedule2013-06-27 01:00
BARCELONACostal Schedule2013-06-28 00:00Costal Schedule2013-06-28 02:00Costal Schedule2013-06-29 14:00
VALENCIACostal Schedule2013-06-30 01:00Costal Schedule2013-06-30 02:00Costal Schedule2013-07-01 14:00
Costal Schedule2013-07-05 06:00Costal Schedule2013-07-05 07:00Costal Schedule2013-07-06 07:00
Costal Schedule2013-07-08 18:00Costal Schedule2013-07-08 19:00Costal Schedule2013-07-09 18:00
Costal Schedule2013-07-24 07:00Costal Schedule2013-07-24 09:00Costal Schedule2013-07-25 03:00
Costal Schedule2013-07-30 00:00Costal Schedule2013-07-30 02:00Costal Schedule2013-07-30 20:00
The timings confuse me a little as well, before you ask.  I can tell you that I'll be leaving Piraeus on 21st June and arriving in La Spezia (Italy) on 23rd June at roughly 3pm (15:00). 
You'll also note that I come back to Piraeus on 5th July.  I can see your thought process:
If you live in Athens and are joining in Piraeus, why not just go straight to Hong Kong?
Well, look at that route (in bold for you).  It's kinda boring, is it not, as in long distances at sea and not many stops.  Wouldn't it be nice to see a little bit of Europe at first?  Hell, I get two days at both ports in Italy & Spain...enough time to explore the surrounding area.
So, having checked that out, if anyone's in these destinations at these times, do get in touch and you can show me around! 
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