Thursday, 1 August 2013

A journal entry from Hong Kong

I was just about to write in my journal when I decided "Why not write my entry here and share it with you fine people?"

OK then -- what have I been up to on my second day in Hong Kong:

I'm staying in Kowloon, in a place on the 31st floor.  It's a bit windy today, in fact when I mastered the public transport and took myself off to the Star Ferry area, I found this warning:

What else have I been up to?  Yesterday I treated myself to 'high tea' at the Peninsular Hotel,
and in the morning today I went and had a Reflexology session in a local parlour.  Hmm, I was very dubious at first - I mean, wouldn't you be if you saw this doorway?

But it was a very enjoyable 60 minutes, very clean inside and boy do they know how to massage feet (even if I had to make myself understood by pointing at my feet and miming 'massage').

Tomorrow?  I'm going to be a real tourist and go on a bus tour of the city: Stanley Park & Markets, the Peak, etc.  I just hope I manage to find some nice food - at the moment I am really sorry, but the food's been a bit of a misnomer.

Let's see about the light show on Victoria Harbour on Saturday - I have plenty of time to turn my thoughts around. 

BTW: the HKD$ is pegged to the USD$ so 7HKD = 1USD

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